This site for me has never been about a number of followers it’s been a way for me to express myself. whether it’s though pictures I like, posting my photography, or writing out my late night thoughts. However, I am about to hit a number that I never really thought would happen. I thank everyone for thinking my blog is worth your follow. 

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I’ve thought a lot about killing myself in my short life. It can be in the middle of a night where it is physically hard to breathe, or it can be as I’m sitting out in the sun drinking a lemon shandy. It’s just that it doesn’t easily shake off my mind— it’s usually a soft glow of comfort. It’s the kind of pain doesn’t always have to have a kind of reason exist; but without my pain, there’s no knowing of who I’d be. I wouldn’t be as gracious to inhale deeply into my lungs, loving to those who show me their souls, appreciative of the sun sinking past the horizon, or empathetic other people’s hardships without the storms of depression I’ve faced… I am, however, left with thoughts; thoughts of who would jump on the bandwagon of sudden compassion when they never acted like I was alive in the first place if I went through with it. Or why I’m scared to be in a car accident when it would ultimately lead to what I’ve wanted. But is it really what I want, or is it just my comfort blanket?

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